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Newspapers are all about giving information of all sorts and from every corner. Bringing us the information about latest happenings and upcoming events, news media is the most viable solution for getting updated with latest India news. Politics has always been an issue that newspapers and other news media sources highlight the most. This is the prime reason why youngsters are losing interest in newspapers. None of them has the curiosity of knowing what’s happening in politics. Although, it’s the same politicians scam and budget sessions oppositions of ministers read everyday in newspapers but that also has some sort of importance. In India, people select their leaders through voting. Thus, they have the right to know what progress their chosen leaders are doing. This helps in deciding meticulously and analyzing qualities of their leaders. Next section in newspapers that is most read and surely holds a great position in India breaking news is the Sports section. Sometimes for most us or would say for sports enthusiasts, newspapers start with sports page and also ends with it. Youngsters are keen towards learning, which sportsperson is performing well at national and international levels. Whether it is cricket, football, hockey, badminton or any sports, fully or partly people support their game. With the IPL season going, everyone is excited to get score updates and information on expert views of strong performing teams. Being the most discussed topic as of now, online sports websites are consistently providing IPL India news. Each game is given equal importance at national and international stages and for this the credit goes to newspapers. Making not only cricket an important game they are engaged in providing sports news from all sorts. [View – Latest India news]Later comes the section of business and international news. Bollywood and Hollywood gossips are very entertaining and why not they are for people’s entertainment.  Everyone is nosy to hear about celebrity gossips and inner relationships. Recent marriage of Saif-Kareena created most gossips in the entertainment media. Indian economy on an up-high, business news seems a bit useful for business owners. Latest India news on businesses helps in analyzing the market condition and planning next step in business likewise. From stock market updates to latest services launched and recent innovations in automobile and mobile industry, everything can be grabbed from news media. Though, every news is not useful and some may be deceptive and depends totally on views of readers.

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