How to prepare for Current affairs and GK section?

Just One MediaNewspapers How to prepare for Current affairs and GK section?

Preparing for the Current Affairs section is quite challenging for aspirants preparing for CLAT. To get ahead of the race, students often seek the expertise of a professional CLAT Coaching in Delhi.  Reading newspapers is very essential to score good marks in the current affairs section and language section as well.

We as responsible CLAT Coaching in Mukherjee Nagar advise you to read newspapers regularly to prepare for the current affairs section rather than relying on other sources entirely.

Here are some steps that can help to prepare effectively for this section. These are prepared by experienced mentors at Best Institute for CLAT Preparation

#Research from previous year Questions

Before picking up any newspaper, it is important to know what you have to read and what you can skip. It is very essential to know what kinds of questions are important from a CLAT point of view. Hence you should know first of all go through the previous year’s question papers of CLAT and observe the kind of GK Questions asked in the exam giving you a better comprehension of important news.

#Choose a Newspaper

It is very important to choose any one newspaper for your preparation rather than learning from multiple sources. If you are a beginner who has never read the newspaper before then you should start with the Times of India, The Tribune, the language of these newspapers are quite easy to understand. Reading newspapers daily is a necessity when it comes to preparing for such a highly competitive exam CLAT.

#Fix a Time to read

Set a time period to read newspapers daily. Read it whenever you feel bored or you don’t have anything to do. You can read it while doing breakfast or while traveling to school, college or work, or other suitable time. You should at least spare 30 minutes time in reading the newspapers.

#Make Notes

When you write down all the important dates and facts in your own language for better understanding than your brain memorizes it far better. The smartest way to make the notes is by dividing them into different sections such as awards, international awards, etc.

#choose a magazine

To make sure that you don’t miss any of the latest current affairs while reading it from the newspapers then you should subscribe to the week letters offered by all the renowned newspapers or any other magazines that you find relevant to the CLAT Syllabus. Do go for multiple ones, you need only one magazine to supplement your current affairs preparation.

#Revise with Quizzes and Mock Tests

It is very important to revise the current affairs at the end of every month with mock tests and through the notes that you have made. This will make sure your preparation is stronger and your memory becomes sharper.

Final Words

No videos, PDFs can help to ace this section other than newspapers. There is no shortcut to success, you can read it smarter and prepare with your own capabilities. So you have to understand that you need to read the newspaper while preparing for CLAT is an essential habit.

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